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I’m Getting a Nose Job

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Major thank you to my family and boyfriend for taking care of me and supporting. Also, thanks to a close friend who helped me film this video. This was a crazy process and definitely life defining. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.



Thank you my Leopard Hotties for watching my previous video hinting at my BIG CHANGE. It took a lot for me to admit and share this process. It happened so fast–faster than I expected it to. But in the end it all worked out. This is why I wanted to share this video about what I’ve come across in preparation for my nose job. You can trust me because mine turned out a success!!! Currently healing now, but looking good and loving the results.

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Now let’s talk about plastic surgery. Like I said- I went in for several consultations to receive proper diagnosis and pick a surgeon. I have a deviated septum and turbinate difficulties. I’ve been on the struggle bus breathing out of my mouth and running out of breath talking. Because I’m still under my mom’s insurance the medical portion was covered by insurance. However, since I was going down under, I decided to do some cosmetic as well. Not trying to downplay the cosmetic, but medical was my main focus. I’ve grown to love my nose and work with it, but when breathing problems persisted, this is something that I’ve been blessed to be able to get handled.

Supposedly, I’m supposed to be fully healed (and be able to see the full results) in 6 weeks. I’ll post a video early Feb with updates. Please reach out to me with any questions you have. If you want to be connected to my surgeon, who is located in Chicago, send me a private message.

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December Favs

I really enjoyed filming my December Favs. I just had to share because I’m happy that I’ve found some longstanding items. When you impulsively purchase items that turn into must-haves, THAT’S GOLD!!!

Here’s what I got this month:

Make sure to checkout my Youtube video for my December Favorites as well here:


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Thanks my Leopard Hotties!!




“To truly be free is to accept what can’t be changed and work with what has been given.” -alexandria h.

Now that my hair is longer and much more work, I am transitioning into another hair journey. Not a journey focused on growing hair, but instead maintaining what I have and remaining innovative. For about a year now, I stopped putting in the work and time to fully nourish my hair, let alone venture out into new styles. I found myself stuck in big buns, curly fros or straight. Now, there is nothing wrong with those styles, but the point is I lost the enjoyment of it all. What was there possibly to do with all this hair? Resolves didn’t cross my mind, which only left me with lack luster hair to mirror my lack of motivation. I didn’t have the time or patience for it because as we know, naturally curly hair is a piece of work.

However, Organix’s Coconut Milk conditioner and shampoo revitalized me. It caused my hair to be responsive. The moisture and nourishment this product provides is outstanding. It was just the little push that I needed. Make sure to test it out. I was able to find these bottles for $5 each! Double the value! I plan on putting more time and effort into maintaining my hair. Organix just made it all the more easier.

Check out my Organix Coconut Milk product review and let me know what you think.




Sephora Makeup Haul



Had a makeup haul at Sephora. Wanted to share my finds with a video.  Check it out!  Subscribe and like if the video was helpful for you. There will be more to come. My goal when going to Sephora was to really let the MUA do her thang. I was looking for an effortless natural look. Sometimes you need that extra “pick-me-up” without looking like you are over doing it. My favorite staple that I bought was the Kat Von D lip stain called, Bow & Arrow. It stays on all day and stands strong alone and works well with a clear gloss on top too.



Kristen Dunst by David Slijper for Harper’s Bazaar Uk for May 2014

I love her style. Every single piece is my style!!! Kristen is gorgeous 🙂


www.astairwaytofashion.com Kristen Dunst by David Slijper for Harper’s Bazaar Uk for May 2014 – American Beauty

Beautiful actress Kristen Dunst, 32, is the cover star of Harper’s Bazaar UK for May 2014 issue. The photographer of the session was David Slijper. In the interview inside the magazine she opens up about fashion and ambitions:

On any ambitions to direct one day: “I would love it. I love getting immersed in things and being busy all the time. It’s just that I’m not going to write my own script. I don’t think I can, I honestly don’t. It would be easier to find a book to adapt. But, I’m not interested in directing right now. Maybe in three years. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have children then. I probably will – one day – want to try it.

On fashion becoming less important to her as she gets older:

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I think I’ve found some new staple hair products for us curly girls!!!I think you’ll love it too. Make sure to check out my youtube video, which is linked. It gives a thorough review of the products. Enjoy! New products are all found at Target and are as follows: Cantu Shea Butter Shampoo & Conditioner […]


IMG_9338One thing that I challenge with is still rocking hats with my curly hair. I have so many hats, but I never think I can wear them because I have all this poofy hair. With my slow progression to natural hair acceptance,I’ve been giving hats a shot instead of letting my hair be my hat. Curly haired people can rock hats too! Me wanting to wear hats is one thing that gave me urgency to straighten my hair. But now, finding hats that work will help prolong that urge. Check out the following hats that we can rock even with our curls:

hat_LL_1 hat_LL_2

Welcome to Leopard ‘n’ Locks


Hi, my LEOPARD guys and gals! If you are looking for beauty tips and curly-hair motivation then this is the blog for you. Decided to create this blog to complement my Youtube channel. The past 3 years, I’ve been going on a hair journey like no other. With this blog I will be diving back into the past and be sharing my hair history. While moving forward,I will share my hair challenges and goals that I’m experiencing to-date. This blog will be my accountability to what I set my mind to concerning my hair, as well as a live journal of my personal growth with style, beauty, natural hair, makeup, and confidence.

Stay tuned! They say it takes 21 days to make something a natural habit. I’m not the best journalist. Being a creative, I’m all over the place. Bare with me though! I’m going to meet this challenge and make this a weekly task for me to post/share/as well create new videos at least twice a month. Let’s do this thang!


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